What is WP.osC

WP.osC (WP-osCommerce ) is a modified version of osCommerce, one of the most popular ecommerce solutions. The main difference between WP.osC and osCommerce, is that WP.osC uses the same Theme system as WordPress.


1) Download WP.osC and unzip
2) create a subdirectory called “shop” (may be named anything you want) in your home directory
3) upload entire “catalog” folder contents into shop
4) Run the WP.osc installation script by accessing http://your site/shop/

Please note : The WP.osC installation is to be entirely separate from the WordPress installation. 

To create a new WP.osC template :

– Make a copy of your current WordPress template.
– Replace ALL WordPress functions with WP.osC functions. WP.osC functions are located in /shop/includes/wp-osc.php
– Put it in the “themes” directory of WP.osC.
– Edit /shop/includes/wposc-configure.php and define the new active theme:
define(‘ACTIVE_THEME’, ‘mynewtemplate’);

To use WP.osC functions you need to be familiar with PHP. In the other case, pre-built WP.osC themes are available for download here.

A “Theme Switcher” option (compatible with WP Theme Switcher plugin) is also provided.

Download WP.osC 1.0 RC2